Our Sharpsafe® range of sharps containers are designed for safe sharps disposal, and created in line with healthcare and legislative infection control requirements such as htm 07-01. 

The Sharpsafe® range of sharps containers is a sharps management system that incorporates practice methodology designed to reduce needlestick injuries and deliver safe and effective management of sharps waste in accordance with international regulations.

Our 5th Generation Sharpsafe® containers can see up to a 94% reduction in carbon footprint when compared with virgin plastic containers.

The Evolution of Sharpsafe®

In 1979, Sharpsafe® introduced the world’s first purpose designed sharps container into the market and have continued introducing pioneering products into the healthcare industry.

In 2021, we significantly reduced the amount of single-use plastic used in our manufacturing by introducing 100% recycled materials into all our accessories and product features.

Now, in 2022 Sharpsafe® are proud to be introducing another world’s first into the market with our 5th generation Sharpsafe® containers.


Be Sharp. Be Safe. Be Sustainable.

The 5th generation of Sharpsafe combines high-performance sharps waste management with our eco-conscious manufacturing. By switching our manufacturing over to our low carbon recycled materials, we have reduced our carbon footprint by 80% in comparison to the use of virgin materials and are helping to support healthcare facilities to achieve their carbon net zero targets.

Reduce carbon footprint

Reduce carbon footprint

Reducing the use of virgin plastic

Reducing the use of virgin plastic

Reduce impact of Plastic Packaging Tax

Reduce impact of Plastic Packaging Tax

We are setting Sharpsafe and all Sharpsafe customers on the road to net zero.

The introduction of recycled materials into our entire product range has resulted in a significant reduction to our carbon footprint and the amount of single-use plastic entering the supply chain. This allows our customers to benefit from our low carbon footprint product and make a significant step towards their sustainability targets.

A simple change with a massive environmental impact

We have made the transition to our sustainable sharps containers as seamless as possible to support our customers on the road to Net Zero. The 5th Generation Sharpsafe containers have the same excellent safety features and benefits of our 4th Generation, and our compatible with all accessories, trolleys, brackets, and the Near Patient Sharps Disposal (NPSD) system.

Our excellent online training and assessment platform, the Vernacare Academy, has been updated with a bank of courses to boost your product knowledge and provide valuable training on our 5th Generation Sharpsafe containers.

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