Our range of NSP packs, needles and syringes, sharps containers, and associated paraphernalia is designed specifically for use in NSP and harm reduction programmes.

We are a professional, compassionate, person-centred Harm Reduction company with co-production ideals at our centre.

Harm Reduction

Supporting You with Essential Resources

Vernacare have produced a comprehensive range of resource material designed to support product training, awareness, and implementation. We have developed an online training platform to ensure best practice throughout harm reduction services. We share our evidence-based knowledge in order to deliver value based on the needs of the system and catering our solutions to specific requirements.

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NICE PH52 Guidance

To ensure our products are best suited for use in the harm reduction market, Vernacare develop their products and services in accordance with NICE guidance (PH52). Our products and services aim to reduce the transmission of bloodborne viruses and other infections, such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, caused by the sharing on injecting equipment. Ultimately, reducing the strain on public health and wider society. 

We offer a range of ID and colour-coded injecting equipment, in order to make equipment easily identifiable and therefore reduce the risk of sharing. Vernacare’s offer LDS harm reduction solutions that minimizing the risks associated with injecting drugs.

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Together with our global partners, we distribute to every corner of the globe.

Together with our global partners, we distribute to every corner of the globe.

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