Wound Cleansing Procedure Packs

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Vernacare wound cleansing packs promote good practice in the operating theatre and hospital ward to minimise the risk of infection and to enable clinicians to comply with government guidelines concerning infection control. Procedure packs also help to reduce waste and minimise set up time and storage needs to deliver cost efficiencies within the hospital. The introduction of procedure packs has been proven to reduce procurement costs by 76%, and releases time that would otherwise be spent setting up the procedure, to time spent with the patient. Vernacare has supplied healthcare providers with sterile and non-sterile consumable items for over 40 years. During that time we have become widely regarded by both clinical and commercial specialists as a reliable partner, sharing the objectives of improved patient experience, cost reduction and the focus of resources on patient care.

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Designed and assembled within a certified cleanroom, Vernacare procedure packs support healthcare professionals in reducing clinical variation and improving efficiencies and productivity.


Surgical teams can be confident that all the necessary components for a procedure will be supplied in a sterile pack, ready for immediate use.


Research published in the British Journal of Perioperative Nursing (January 2001) by Baines and Colquhoun stated three key benefits of procedure packs: Reduce cost, save time & reduce waste. This is also in line with the product rationalisation recommendations raised in the 2016 UK Carter Report for the NHS.

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