Product Code 2040ZA001 (230 Volts) 2040CA001 (110 Volts)

  • NPC Code FSE202

  • NA Code V45-300 (230 Volts) V45-310 (110 Volts)


The industry-leading Vortex hospital macerator is now available with contactless technology. Designed for the quick and safe disposal of single-use containers such as bedpans, urinals and bowls. With completely hands-free opening and closing.

units per case

units per case

Max 4 Items

Max 4 Items

cycle time

cycle time

litres per cycle

litres per cycle

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Featuring SmartFlow™ technology

Every hospital macerator in the industry-leading Vernacare range contains our SmartFlow™ technology. Designed to ensure an even flow of product, SmartFlow™ is a unique maceration system that ensures waste is only released to drain once maximum water dispersion has been achieved. Through continued action inside the drum the particle size is minimised, ensuring no dry or bulky material can pass into the pipework.

Contactless technology

The Vortex+ has completely hands free opening and closing, reducing the risk of cross infection. The foot sensor opening and closing function increases efficiency and eliminates contact with the unit.

Outstanding performance

It's unique twin blade action reduces disposable products to a watery fine slurry. Whilst it's auto-start function makes it easy to use and saves value staff time, as well as preventing machine overloading. The self-diagnosing display panel provides easy-to-understand information.

Easy maintenance

All Vernacare hospital macerators feature a manual emptying override switch, enabling swift and safe discharge of water from the tank if required. Access to the unit is made easy with removable front and side panels.

Vortex+ Disposal Unit Video

View our short animated video to watch the Vernacare Vortex+ macerator disposal unit in action.

Contact us for further information. We have Spanish, French & Japanese speakers available, feel free to write in your local language.


What is the maximum number of products that can be placed inside the Vortex and Vortex+ machines?

The Vortex range is designed to operate within a 2-minute cycle using 24 litres of cold water and can dispose a maximum of 4 single-use containers at one time or 2 washbowls.

Which features are unique to the Vortex +?

The Vortex+ encompasses contactless technology. It is a completely hands-free machine, specifically designed to reduce the risk of cross infection as well as save nursing time.

Why is SmartFlow Technology so important?

Our unique SmartFlow technology ensures an efficient dissolution of the products, ensuring no dry or bulky material can pass into the pipework.