VernaGel Large Tub

Product Code 456MA400

  • NPC Code HFL8663

  • NA Code


VernaGel is a super absorbent polymer which prevents spillages and leaks by solidifying liquids, whilst still being able to be disposed of in a Vernacare disposal unit. Comes in a 4kg tub.

Case Dimensions 195 x 200 x 200 mm

units per case

units per case

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Eases nurse workload and saves laundry costs

Trials carried out in four hospitals confirmed that by preventing spills Vernagel could save an average ward 135 days a year in nurse time and £2,600 a year on laundry costs.

Reduce the risk of cross-infection

Vernagel solidifies bodily fluids, this prevents any spillages particularly when the bedpan or bottle is taken from the patient. Cross infection can occur when bodily fluids spill onto beds, floors or onto other patients or equally when bedpans and urinals are taken to the sluice room.

Protecting patient dignity

Soaking wet beds are not nice to wake up to and the cleaning required can also be very time consuming and inconvenient for the nurse. Vernagel solidifies liquids eliminating spillages and splash backs thus increasing patient confidence and protecting the dignity of your patient through the night.

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