VernaFem Female Urinal

Product Code 108AA024

  • NPC Code FWV182

  • NA Code V20-022


Disposable female urinal ergonomically designed to promote self-toileting, preserving patient dignity and empowering patients to toilet themselves.

capacity (litre)

capacity (litre)

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units per case

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Award-winning design

The VernaFem features an ergonomic design with a moulded handle allowing easier positioning and helping to promote self-toileting. It's wide opening increases patient confidence while it's curved edges allows for easier positioning. The urinal is designed to hold 1200 ml with a 'usable capacity' of 525ml =/- 25ml, when held at a 20° angle.

Helping reduce CAUTIs

VernaFem provides a viable alternative to a female catheter, which can often increase the risk of acquiring Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs).

Storage solutions

VernaFem female urinals can be stored in easy-to-access wall-mounted racks that remove the product from touching surfaces before use. See our range of racks for further details.

Safe disposal

Made from biodegradable over-issued clean newspaper and designed for single-use; the VernaFem is used once then disposed of which eliminates the infection risk associated with reusable urinals and toileting products.

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Can I use the VernaFem female urinal with all patients?

The female urinal has been ergonomically designed to be suitable for most patient types, with the unique handle allowing easier positioning of the product and promoting self-toileting. We do however urge customers to evaluate its suitability on a patient by patient basis.

What is the best way to use the VernaFem female urinal?

The female urinal has been designed to work most effectively with the patient in a semi-recumbent position, which gives greater control and confidence during toileting. Product performance will improve the further upward the patient is positioned. See our 'how to use' animation for more details.

Is there a weight restriction when using the VernaFem female urinal?

The VernaFem does not have an official weight restriction; however evaluation feedback has indicated that bariatric patients may struggle to use the product successfully.