Vernaclean Indicator Tape

Product Code ECI02

  • NPC Code FSE 113 X 20

  • NA Code


VernaClean Indicator is used to show that equipment has been hygienically cleaned and is safe to use, reassuring patients, staff and visitors that your facility makes cleaning ‘best practice’ a priority. It can be used on a range of equipment including commodes, portering chairs, dripstands, beds, hoists, wheelchairs, trolleys, baths, toilets, lockers and walking aids.

Case Dimensions 245 x 220 x 245 mm

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Reduce the risk of cross-infection

Over 50 years ago when we invented the single-use system, we knew it would truly revolutionise the patient experience. Our disposable pulp containers mean you get a clean bedpan, urinal or bowl every time, and the use of our containers has been proven to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

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