VernaClean Active Deodoriser Disinfectant 2 litres

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The VernaClean Disposal Unit Disinfectant and Deodoriser range offers optimal performance for disposal unit infection control in healthcare facilities. VernaClean Active disinfectant is a concentrated deodorising liquid with antibacterial and sporicidal properties. 2 litre bottle.

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Safety first

VernaClean Active has been independently tested to British and European Standards, it is skin safe and non-corrosive.

Unique formula eradicates C.diff

VernaClean Active is broad-spectrum disinfectant, which cleans and disinfects simultaneously. It's unique formula eradicates C. difficile. VernaClean Active has been independently tested to British and European Standards BSEN13704 as being effective against spores including C-Difficile

The most hygienic refill system available

All Vernacare disposal units have a fully integrated, easy-fill deodoriser system. VernaClean deodoriser and disinfectant can be quickly and easily poured into the machine, without the need for tools or technical support.

Improving the working environment

VernaClean Active is Ph neutral and alcohol free meaning is safe for users and the environment. It neutralises odours in sluice / dirty utility rooms and produces a healthy working environment.

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How does VernaClean disinfectant work in the machine?

The disinfectant is released at the end of every cycle to clean and disinfectant the inside of the machine.

What are the benefits of using VernaClean disinfectant in the machine?

It eradicates pathogens in the hopper and creates a clean and fresh sluice/dirty utility room environment

How do I know when to refill the disinfectant in my disposal unit?

The display on the disposal unit will indicate when the reservoir is running low the disinfectant needs refilling.