VernaChair Shower Chair

Product Code 630ZA001

  • NPC Code GTB1563

  • NA Code V60-3ZA


The VernaChair shower chair is designed for comfortable and easy patient washing and showering. Its lightweight and clip-in seat is chemically resistant and allows quick and easy draining.

units per case

units per case

requires assembly

requires assembly

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Additional Information


VernaChair Specifications

Full height




Depth (front to back)


Width between arms


Seat height from floor


Maximum patient weight

159kgs / 25st


Cleaner by design

Our easy clean Shower Chair incorporate durable moulded parts which are easy to remove and clean. The stainless steel frame withstands modern cleaning methods and with minimal nuts, bolts and fasteners it is fast and easy to reassemble after cleaning. It can be dismantled into four parts for easy cleaning reducing the harbouring of microorganisms as well as reassembling without the use of any tools.

Patient comfort and confidence

The VernaChair Commode manoeuvres easily, enhancing user confidence and due to its sturdy modern ergonomic design, patient comfort and confidence is increased. Our commode is independently tested and compliant to BS 4751.

Removable parts for efficient cleaning

The backrest is one complete piece making it easy to remove and clean. The arms are hinged arms making patient transfer safe and efficient, the hinge is sealed which reduces dirt collection and water penetration.

Contact us for further information. We have Spanish, French & Japanese speakers available, feel free to write in your local language.


Can the VernaChair be steam cleaned?

The VernaChair can be steam cleaned and withstands the thermal disinfection conditions of a washer disinfector or cart washer. All of the mouldings, fasteners and frame will withstand 120 0C.

What is the maximum weight of the patient?

The maximum patient weight is 25stone/159kgs.

Can the footrest be removed?

Yes, the grey plastic footrest can be removed from the chair frame for cleaning and replaced afterwards. The footrest is removed by lifting and then twisting it to take it out of the chair frame.