Technical Service Contract (UK ONLY)

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Vernacare understands the importance of maintaining macerator disposal units. Our regular service will ensure all components are kept in excellent working condition to extend the system life, reduce the risk of breakdown and save time and money.

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Additional Information

Our Technical Service Contracts include:

• 1 or 2 annual preventative maintenance visits, including a full service and functional check

• Inspection of all electrical and mechanical components, including the motor, diaphragm, pump and pipe work

• Replacement of diaphragm for service contract customers (except V750)

• Includes supply of Vortex Deodoriser (1x2L)

• 25% discount on Vernacare spare parts

• Emergency priority over non-contract customers

• 25% discount on breakdown rates


Full range of services

We offer two service contacts in the UK, Option 1 include one preventative maintenance visit per year, whilst Option 2 includes two preventative maintenance visits per year. Our team provides preventative maintenance solutions for all brands and models of macerator disposal units. All our engineers are equipped to carry out repairs and to the highest standards, with minimum disruption.

IT solutions

Our latest IT systems allows Vernacare to assist in reducing workload, through rapid response, clear communication and improved efficiency of our engineering team with the ability to provide periodic detailed reports, produce invoices with engineer’s comments and track your assets and their performance.

Contact us for further information. We have Spanish, French & Japanese speakers available, feel free to write in your local language.