Support for Ergonomic Bedpan

Product Code 306ZP001

  • NPC Code FWV149

  • NA Code V20-043


To be used alongside the ergonomic bedpan liner (code 121AA075) with patients over 15 stone / 210lbs / 95kgs.

units per case

units per case

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Trusted experts

When it comes to the single-use system the answer is Vernacare’s global team of trusted experts. We have, collectively, hundreds of years of experience in developing, training and servicing the system. Whether it’s medical pulp manufacturing, disposal unit design, preventative maintenance programmes or user training, the knowledge starts with Vernacare.

Guaranteed supply

Thousands of healthcare facilities around the world trust us to supply our ground-breaking single-use system to them every day. In 2017, we won ‘Overall Supplier of the Year’ at the NHS Excellence in Supply Awards, an accolade which we feel demonstrates how strongly we feel about being dependable to healthcare facilities whose focus should be on their patients, and not on the reliability of their supplier

Contact us for further information. We have Spanish, French & Japanese speakers available, feel free to write in your local language.


How should we clean blood/human waste stains on the supports?

We recommend a sporicidal or detergent wipe is used to clean plastic supports. However they can be cleaned with all major disinfectant products on the market. For blood spills you should consult your local infection prevention guidelines.

Should this support be used for all patient types?

This support is designed to be used with our ergonomic bedpan, where the patient weighs over 15 stone / 210lbs / 95kgs. If the patients weighs less then this, please use the disposable support.

Can this support be used with all disposable bedpans?

This easy clean plastic support is designed specifically for use with our ergonomic disposable bedpan. all other bedpans from Vernacare have alternative plastic supports available.