Specimen Collector

Product Code 113BA100

  • NPC Code

  • NA Code V25-055N


Ideal for collecting and measuring urine or stool samples, it can be used in a commode or over the toilet.

Case Dimensions 440 x 500 x 345 mm

capacity (litre)

capacity (litre)

units per case

units per case



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Safe disposal

Made from biodegradable over-issued clean newspaper and designed for single-use; the Specimen Collector is used once then disposed of which eliminates the infection risk associated with reusable urinals and toileting products.

Practical design for ease of use

Our single-use containers are designed to hold fluid for up to 4 hours (or up to 2 hours for our detergent-proof washbowls). They are then flushed away safely and quickly in a Vernacare disposal unit, macerating up to 4 containers at once (or up to 2 detergent-proof washbowls).

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