Senset Moist Wipes (12) – Fragrance Free

Product Code 900PW012

  • NPC Code

  • NA Code V38-012N


Gentle on skin Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically Tested, Senset wet wipes are suitable for use on fragile and sensitive skin.

17 x 22 cm

17 x 22 cm

wipes per pack

wipes per pack

42 packs per case

42 packs per case


Environmental benefits: Lowering environmental impact

Vernacare's single use system uses less energy and water than re-usable systems to dispose of biodegradable medical pulp products, using the market-leading Vortex pulp disposal unit.

Nurse Time Benefits: Increasing productivity and convenience

Vernacare's single use system helps to improve working conditions, increase patient dignity and save nurse time, releasing more time to care for patients.

Financial Benefits: Reduced running costs

Vernacare's single use system can cost significantly less to purchase, operate and maintain than alternative re-usable systems. Further financial benefits are provided through the savings in nursing time and reduction of costly HCAIs.

Infection Prevention Benefits: Raising infection control standards

Vernacare's single use system removes concerns over the effectiveness of thermal washer disinfectors and helps to break the chain of infection.

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