Plain Fast Edge Ribbon Gauze

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100% Woven Cotton, Plain Gauze, Sterile and Non-sterile Range available



Elementa Fast Edge Ribbon Gauze is made from 100% cotton. The edge of this Gauze is designed to eradicate loose fibres caused by fraying, making them an ideal solution for wound cavity packing. Available as single or double wrapped, Non-Sterile bulk packed, Variety of sterile pack sizes available, White and green FERG available,Choice of sizes.

Patient Safety & Risk Management

Vernacare has over forty years history in the manufacture and distribution of gauze and non-woven swabs. As one of the market leaders in the UK and several international countries, we remain at the forefront of innovation and technical expertise. With patient safety and risk management in mind, all gauze and swabs are manufactured to Vernacarecare specifications, BP, and meet European Standard EN 14079.

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