Oasis® Warmer

Product Code WARM01UK

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Oasis® products can be warmed in our new improved warmer, providing a practical, disposable and economical solution for head-to-toe warm body bathing. Products are warmed to a consistent temperature, ensuring optimum patient comfort at all times.

Case Dimensions 550 x 650 x 590

units per case

units per case

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Compact design

The Oasis® Warmer is designed to sit on most work surfaces, with products and status indicators clearly visible. The simple design makes the unit easy to maintain and clean.

Maintains a consistent temperature

The temperature can be set to between 37°C and 58°C, with a recommended optimum temperature of 45°C. Added safety features include a dual thermo-sensor with auto shut off if products are over-heated.

Heat up to 16 packs at any one time

Implementing a one-in, one-out policy enables a consistent supply of warm products.

Contact us for further information. We have Spanish, French & Japanese speakers available, feel free to write in your local language.


What languages appear on the Oasis® packaging?

Instructions and cautionary statements are printed on each individual pack, translated into the most common languages into which that individual SKU is supplied. Due to pack size restrictions, only a finite amount of languages can be printed to ensure legibility.

Can I use the same pack of washcloths/washmitts on separate patients?

We recommend that each pack is for individual use only and that packs are not shared. This promotes best practice from an infection prevention perspective.

Do you offer safety data sheets for the Oasis® products?

New guidance outlines that a safety data sheet is not required for cosmetic products under Chapter 1, Article 2.6b of REACH 1907/2006 regulations, therefore we no longer offer them. We are however able to supply product specification sheets.