Oasis® Bedbath Maceratable Scented - 10 Wipes

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MACERATOR-FRIENDLY VERSION Oasis® Bed Bathing Washcloths are impregnated with a unique combination of skin cleansers to help remove sweat, dirt, urine and faeces from the skin. The large, soft washcloths are intended to be used individually, with one single-use cloth per anatomical region.

Macerator friendly

Macerator friendly

30 x 22 (cm)

30 x 22 (cm)

wipes per pack

wipes per pack

packs per case

packs per case

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Made in Britain

Manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in the UK, using the highest quality materials, our products deliver unparalleled quality and performance.

Reduced cross-contamination

Each single-use item is disposed of after use, helping to reduce the potential for cross-contamination from reusable items. Various studies have been published highlighting the link between traditional soap and water based bed bathing and HCAIs, in particular catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs).

Cost effective solution

Proven to deliver savings and reduce nursing time when compared to traditional soap and water bed bathing. According to a study published in the British Journal of Nursing, use of the Oasis® Bed Bathing System could save £6,000 per ward per year and 21 hours of nursing time per week.

Skin hydration and protection

A dermatologically tested, pH balanced, lanolin and alcohol-free formulation. Perfumed and unperfumed options available.

Improved patient experience.

Reduces the need for manual repositioning and manipulation of patients, helping save nursing time and enhance patient dignity.

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Can I use Oasis® products for intimate hygiene?

es, our Oasis® washcloths/washmitts are intended for topical external cleansing of the entire body, specifically formulated to help remove sweat, dirt, urine and faeces from the skin. Alternative products that are potentially more suitable for intimate hygiene are also available from Synergy Health. Further information can be found in our product literature.

Can I use Oasis® products on newborns or infants?

No, we don’t promote the products as suitable for newborns and infants. Current EU regulations on ‘Safety criteria for cosmetic products intended for infants’ details additional testing requirements for any products intended to be used on anyone under the age of three. Our entire cosmetic range (Oasis, Conti & Clinisan) has been tested and certified for use on anyone aged three or older.

Why are there different Oasis® pack sizes?

Different pack sizes are available to carry out a full or partial bed bath. Larger packs may also be more suitable for larger or more heavily soiled patients. The large, soft washcloths/washmitts are intended to be used individually, with one single-use cloth per anatomical region. Further details are provided on the individual packaging