Medium Bowl

Product Code 111AA200

  • NPC Code FSL119

  • NA Code


General purpose bowl, ideal for handling larger volumes of liquid.

Case Dimensions 545 x 785 x 275 mm

units per case

units per case

capacity (litre)

capacity (litre)



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Practical design for ease of use

Our single-use containers are designed to hold fluid for up to 4 hours (or up to 2 hours for our detergent-proof washbowls). They are then flushed away safely and quickly in a Vernacare disposal unit, macerating up to 4 containers at once (or up to 2 detergent-proof washbowls).

Raising infection control standards

A recent study across 88 hospitals in North America showed that 62.2% of ‘clean’ plastic wash bowls were actually contaminated with pathogens including VRE and MRSA. The bowls had either been hand-washed or processed in a washer disinfector, prior to being re-used for patient care. Studies like this highlight the significant risks that reusable systems and individual products pose to patient safety.

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