Detergent Proof Maxi-WashBowl

Product Code 117AA040

  • NPC Code FSL1573

  • NA Code V25-027N


Detergent-proof washbowl can hold warm water and soap for up to 2 hours (up to 45 degrees). Unique patented design and formulation.

capacity (litre)

capacity (litre)

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lid available



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New innovation, larger size

The latest product in Vernacare’s product development pipeline, the detergent-proof Maxi-washbowl, is making a real difference to frontline patient care. The new size washbowl was developed collaboratively with clinicians. Its greater capacity provides a single-use solution for a variety of tasks related to patient care including leg ulcer bathing, infant bathing and emptying catheter bags, as well as a useful receptacle for hospital cleaning.

Raising infection control standards

A recent study across 88 hospitals in North America showed that 62.2% of ‘clean’ plastic wash bowls were actually contaminated with pathogens including VRE and MRSA. The bowls had either been hand-washed or processed in a washer disinfector, prior to being re-used for patient care. Studies like this highlight the significant risks that reusable systems and individual products pose to patient safety.

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Will the washbowls hold water without leaking?

Vernacare detergent proof wash bowls will hold warm water (up to 45°C/113°F) and detergent for up to two hours and undergo stringent testing at our manufacturing facility to make sure they meet these standards. When filling with warm water (if using separate hot and cold taps), ensure cold water is added before the hot water)

What kinds of detergents can be used in the wash bowls?

Our detergent proof wash bowls will hold all major types of detergents and disinfectants including: soap, shampoo, conditioner, 3 in 1 wash, bleach, chlorine based disinfectors, CHG and isopropyl alcohol products.

What is the capacity of the washbowls?

The Vernacare detergent proof washbowl has a maximum 4 litre capacity, with a recommend usable capacity of 2 litres. The Vernacare maxi washbowl has a maximum 6 litre capacity, with a recommended usable capacity of 4 litres.