Conti® Wet Wipes

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Convenient cleansing for patients’ hands and face, helping to keep skin feeling clean and refreshed. Proven to physically remove over 99% of contamination from hands, ideal for when traditional hand washing with soap and water isn’t available.

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Removes over 99% of contamination from hands

Unlike alcohol gels or products containing disinfectants which may cause irritation or dryness, our wipes physically remove over 99% harmful pathogens whilst moisturising and protecting the skin.

Approved for use on babies over 3 months

Clinical trials demonstrated that 95% of parents were satisfied/very satisfied with the products.

Convenient hands and face cleansing

The use of single-use wet wipes to clean the hands, supports the world health organisations five moments of hand hygiene.

Contact us for further information. We have Spanish, French & Japanese speakers available, feel free to write in your local language.


Can I use Conti® Wet Wipes on newborns or infants?

Following a successful clinical trial, Conti Wet Wipe (RSC777) are now certified for use on babies three months or older. 95% of participating parents were satisfied/very satisfied with the product.

Can I use Conti® wipes on patients with sensitive skin?

Yes, all our Conti® wipes are suitable for patients with sensitive skin. We do however urge users to discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

Are Conti® wet wipes classified as medical devices?

No, the Conti® wet wipes range falls under the cosmetic directive rather than the medical devices directive. All products fully conform to Cosmetics Directive EU 358/2014 and the ingredients are printed on the packaging in accordance with INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) standards. All products are also registered on the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP).