Conti® Barrier Cloth

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Conti® Barrier Cloth is specifically designed to improve incontinence management and deliver intelligent skincare. The unique, all-in-one, environmentally friendly wipe provides barrier protection, whilst being both maceratable and flushable.

Case Dimensions 390 x 190 x 240 mm

Flushable wipes

Flushable wipes

wipe size (cm)

wipe size (cm)

wipes per pack

wipes per pack

Macerator friendly

Macerator friendly

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3% Dimethicone Barrier Protection

Acting as a barrier against irritation from body fluids*, supporting the regeneration of the skin’s natural barrier function*.

Dermatologically Tested

Fragrance free and pH balanced; Conti® Barrier Cloth is suitable for use on fragile and sensitive skin.

One-Step Continence Care

Cleanse, moisturise and protect in one simple step, releasing valuable nursing time.

Environmentally-Friendly Solution

100% plastic-free cellulose-based material, providing a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Safe and Hygienic Disposal

Unique macerator-friendly and flushable product eliminates the risk of costly macerator blockages or the costs associated with clinical waste disposal.

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What are the Conti® wipes made from?

Conti® offer a range of dry and wet wipes ranging from lightweight polypropylene, up to heavyweight cellulose-based products. This selection provides choice for our customers to select the most appropriate product for their needs. Full details for each product can be found in our literature.

What makes a wipe ‘flushable’?

Many people assume a wipe is ‘flushable’ if it simply clears the drain when you flush the toilet; however this is not the case. Flushability is measured by how small the wipe fragments break down over time when agitated in water. EDANA guidance sets out strict criteria for wipes to be truly ‘dispersible’.

How can the Conti® Flushable wipes be strong when wet, yet still break down when flushed?

Conti® Flushable wipes make use of a unique dispersible binder system that retains strength when in contact with water, but will disperse with agitation over time. The material is made using the latest technology and is exclusive to Synergy Health.