Product Code 2050ZA001 (230 Volts), 2050CA001 (110 Volts)

  • NPC Code

  • NA Code V42-220 (230 Volts), V42-110 (110 Volts)


A versatile, space-efficient, contactless unit that provides safe and effective waste disposal at the point of care, the Vernacare Compact is the smaller unit that makes a big impact. The Compact is designed for low usage areas, taking 1 single-use container per cycle.

units per case

units per case

Max 1 Item

Max 1 Item

cycle time

cycle time

litres per cycle

litres per cycle

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Infection prevention at the point of care

Removing the need for clinical staff to carry human waste to a dedicated sluice/dirty utility room, the Compact improves infection prevention and saves valuable nursing time. This space-efficient unit is ideal for patient bathrooms, isolation rooms, barrier nursing and specialist areas such as radiology, x-ray and chemotherapy.

Flexible installation options

Flexible installation enables clinical staff to further optimise their environment for advanced patient care. The Compact can be wall-mounted to save floor space, built into an existing area for a flush finish or placed on the floor (stainless steel plinth provided).

The power of SmartFlow™

Designed to ensure a fast, even flow, SmartFlow™ is a unique maceration system that ensures waste is only released to drain once maximum water dispersion has been achieved. Through continued action inside the sealed drum, the particle size is minimized, ensuring no dry or bulky material can pass into the pipework. SmartFlow™ allows Vernacare machines to discharge waste 4 times faster than alternative macerators available on the market. It’s the power of SmartFlow™

Industry-leading design

The Compact has a patented design, with hands-free operation via an ultrasonic foot sensor, ensures the highest hygiene standards.

Compact Disposal Unit Video

View our short animated video to watch the Vernacare Compact macerator disposal unit in action.

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How is the Vernacare Compact different from Vernacare Vortex units?

The Compact is a slimline machine that is versatile and space-efficient, providing safe and effective human waste disposal at the point of care. It is designed to take 1 item per cycle.

Does the lid of the Compact open by itself after completion of each cycle?

No. Your foot is placed into pool of light to open the Compact.

What preventive and routine maintenance is required for the Vernacare Compact?

We recommend that the Compact has an annual maintenance service.