ComfiNette™ Tubular Bandages

Product Code N006, N016, N126, N346, N566, N786, NT16, NT26

  • NPC Code EGJ045, EGJ041, EGJ042, EGJ046, EGJ043, EGJ044, EGJ047

  • NA Code


A cost-effective range of Tubular Bandages ideal for dressing retention. Made from 100% viscose, ComfiNette™ is ideal for frequent dressing changes. Available as 20 metre rolls in 8 widths to fit all areas of the body.

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Easy application

Simple, safe and easy to use. Ready to wear and quick to apply with no need for pins or tape. Makes use of a light and breathable fabric for optimum comfort. Unobtrusive, discreet and comfortable to wear under clothing.

A varied range to meet all needs

As the leading brand within the NHS and wider care sector, the Comfi™ Range supports individuals and healthcare workers in delivering excellent standards of care, offering an extensive range for all your needs. ComfiTube™, ComfiNette™ and ComfiGauz™ are all available in a variety of sizes, suitable for use on fingers and toes, as well as adult ‘trunks’.

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