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ComfiFast™ MultiStretch™ Red Line

Product Code FMS12, FMS15

NPC Code EGP036

NA Code


The ComfiFast™ Multistretch™ range of Tubular Bandages are produced using Multistretch™ technology which ensures stretch in the radial, longitudinal and diagonal directions. Designed to hold primary wound dressings in place without constriction or the need for pins or tape, our varied colour coded range is suitable for a variety of applications. Available in 1m and 10m lengths.

Britain's number one choice

Comfifast™ accounts for 46% of all tubular bandages prescribed in the UK, commonly used to for dressing retention, wet and dry wrapping of atopic eczema and skin covering for fragile skin. When used for dressing retention, Comfifast™ holds the primary wound dressing in place, providing an extra layer of protection during the healing process.

Made in Britan

Manufactured in the UK using the highest quality materials, Comfi™ offers cost‑effective solutions for dressing retention, dermatological skin conditions, muscle strains/sprains, and venous disease.

Enhanced patient comfort

Available in five widths and a variety of lengths, Comfifast™ Multistretch™ provides stretch in the radial, longitudinal and diagonal directions for complete freedom of movement and enhanced patient comfort.

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