Clinisan™ Cleansing Foam 400ml

Product Code SEF400

  • NPC Code MTF010

  • NA Code


Clinisan™ Skin Cleansing Foam 400ml, a convenient gentle and effective cleansing system for continence care. Ideal for use with bariatric patients or patients with urinary and/or faecal incontinence.

Case Dimensions 215 x 265 x 165

packs per case

packs per case

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Infection prevention

The can includes a patient label to write the patient name and ward details on to help reduce the risk of cross infection. Using Clinisan™ Foam can reduce the risk of carrying infected soap and water around the wards.

Clinically proven

In clinical trials, Clinisan™ was able to maintain the integrity of healthy skin in 66% of patients. A cost-effective method for reducing the incidence of incontinence induced skin breakdown.

Kind to skin

Convenient pre-packaged solution saves time and removes the need for soap and water. The quick-drying formulation reduces friction caused by drying, whilst the emollients provide a protective barrier supporting skin recovery.

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Do you offer safety data sheets for the Clinisan™ products?

New guidance outlines that a safety data sheet is not required for cosmetic products under Chapter 1, Article 2.6b of REACH 1907/2006 regulations, therefore we no longer offer them. We are however able to supply product specification sheets.

Can I use the same Clinisan™ skin cleansing foam canister on separate patients?

We recommend that each canister is for individual use only and that canisters are not shared. This promotes best practice from an infection prevention perspective.

Are Clinisan™ products classified as medical devices?

No, the Clinisan™ range falls under the cosmetic directive rather than the medical devices directive. All products fully conform to Cosmetics Directive EU 358/2014 and the ingredients are printed on the packaging in accordance with INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) standards. All products are also registered on the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP).