Bedpan Support - Plastic

Product Code 301ZP001

NPC Code FSE021

NA Code V20-040


Plastic support for bedpan liner (101AA100), increasing strength for when used in bed.

units per case

units per case

Guaranteed supply

Thousands of healthcare facilities around the world trust us to supply our ground-breaking single-use system to them every day. In 2017, we won ‘Overall Supplier of the Year’ at the NHS Excellence in Supply Awards, an accolade which we feel demonstrates how strongly we feel about being dependable to healthcare facilities whose focus should be on their patients, and not on the reliability of their supplier

Commitment to quality and innovation

At Vernacare, our quality cannot be beaten. To maintain quality you need experience, as the global leader in manufacturing medial pulp, with unparalleled capacity, we certainly have that. Our world class quality management system ensure product consistency and conformity.

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How should we clean blood/human waste stains on the supports?

We recommend a sporicidal or detergent wipe is used to clean plastic supports. However they can be cleaned with all major disinfectant products on the market. For blood spills you should consult your local infection prevention guidelines.

Can the Tuffie 5 wipes be used on any equipment?

Tuffie 5 can be used on all surfaces, equipment and non-invasive medical devices unless stipulated otherwise by the manufacturer of the equipment being cleaned. This means the user will only require one product for most (if not all) their cleaning and disinfecting needs.

Are Tuffie 5 Wipes alcohol free?

Tuffie 5 Wipes are alcohol free. They also contain a low level biocide for the sanitising and cleaning surfaces and equipment, and are effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens.