Azodet® Detergent Wipes - 200 wipes

Product Code AZD200NW

  • NPC Code VJT590

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Azodet® wipes are strong and durable, ideal for "damp dusting" and everyday cleaning. Convenient and easy to use, a great alternative to cleaning with a reusable cloth, soap and water; leaving the surface fresh and clean.

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wipe size (cm)

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wipes per pack

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Powerful detergent formula

Azodet® wipes contain a powerful detergent formulation designed to remove organic matter from surfaces prior to disinfection as part of a two-step cleaning and disinfection process.

Strong and durable wipes

Our wipes are strong and durable and leave surfaces smelling fresh and clean. Our Azodet® wipes are a great alternative to cleaning with reusable cloths, soap and water. One wipe should be used per surface ensuring no cross-contamination of surfaces.

Made in Britain

Manufactured in the UK using the highest quality materials, Azodet® wipes can be widely used for general everyday cleaning and damp dusting in healthcare settings as well as non-healthcare areas such as janitorial, leisure, education and hospitality.

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Where can Azodet® be used?

Azodet® can be used on hard surfaces for everyday cleaning.

Is the wipe material maceratable?

No, the wipe material is 100% Polypropylene which a strong and durable material suitable for cleaning application.

Where are the Azodet® wipes manufactured?

Azodet detergent wipes are manufactured using quality materials in the UK.