Azo™ Universal (formerly AzoMax) Cleaning and Disinfectant Spray (CE)

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Azo™ Universal Cleaning and Disinfectant Spray (CE) saves time and money by using just one product to clean and disinfect non-invasive medical devices.

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One-Step Cleaning and Disinfection

Save time and money by using a one-step product to clean and disinfect surfaces or non-invasive medical devices.

Alcohol-free formulation which is 99.9999% effective against pathogens

Azo™ Universal range uses an alcohol-free formulation which can be used for one-step cleaning and disinfection of surfaces of non-invasive medical devices (CE marked) which are sensitive to alcohol. It also delivers 24hr residual bactericidal activity.

Made in Britain

Manufactured in the UK using the highest quality materials, Azo™ Universal can be used in a variety of both healthcare and non-healthcare environments and is available in a range of product formats which includes flow wraps, canisters and sprays.

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Which pathogens is Azo™ Universal effective on?

Azo™ Universal is effective on bacteria, yeasts and viruses.

Where are the Azo™ Universal wipes manufactured?

Azo™ Universal cleaning and disnfectant wipes are manufactured using quality materials in the UK.

Where can Azo™ Universal Spray be used?

Azo™ Universal hard surface spray can be used on hard surfaces like worktops and desks for effective cleaning and disinfection.