AZO™ Sterilisation Consumables

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AZO™ Medical Packaging range offers a range of sterilisation consumables including Autoclave Tape and Seal Checks. . .

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Sterilisation Consumables Features

AUTOCLAVE TAPE: A selection of Albert Browne autoclave tapes avilable. The easily recognisable strips change colour when exposed to the specific steriliant, verifying exposure to the process without the need to open packs or check records. SEAL CHECK™ VALIDATION DEVICE: A unique product that provides a permanent record of the sealing efficiency of heat seal machines.

AZO™ Medical Packaging Range Overview

AZO™ Medical Packaging single-use range includes Flat and Gusseted Reels and Pouches, Self Seal Pouches, Plain Top and Heat Seal bags and a range of Sterilisation Sundries. We offer a combination of different materials in a wide range of sizes to allow you to tailor your sterilisation packaging needs to ensure easy and reliable packaging solutions.

AZO™ Medical Packaging Range Benefits

Our comprehensive range of products provides a safe, flexible and reliable packaging solution, ensuring the sterility of the products is maintained until the moment of use. Protect: Reliable sterilisation performance for patient safety. Strong: Maintain a sterile barrier, puncture and tear resistant. Simple: Ensure ease of use, performance and reliability

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