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Azo Gel is an advanced and scientifically proven instrument pre-clean gel for surgical and dental instruments. Azo Gel features an innovative formulation preventing surgical soil & debris from drying onto instruments for up to 72 hours.


Clinically Proven

Hospital Product Evaluation Trial at the London Clinic, London, UK Trial Duration: 4 weeks March 2013

User acceptability feedback from operating theatre staff indicates that:

• 100% respondents find AZO™ GEL easy to use • 86% staff acceptability of the AZO™ GEL • 71% respondents have indicated that the product meets their expectations

Sterilisation site reported operational benefits in reprocessing of surgical instruments

• 21% Increase in instruments processed per hour • 36% Reduction in re-washes

Customer Statements

"AZO™ GEL is easy to use and it does not irritate me as the product we currently use does." “The gel is working very well; we need to apply it to all trays.” “No extra work is required to remove dirt or debris.”

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When the instruments are washed off the Gel in CSSD, is there a risk that being a Gel this might occlude the drain system? Those the Gel melt when it is washed with water?

AZO GEL will not occlude the drain system. All of its ingredients are water soluble.

We have washed instruments that have been left overnight with no pre-moistening and they have gone through the sterilisation process just the once and been perfectly clean. Where is the proof that by pre-moistening the instruments they will be cleaner or easier to clean? How clean is clean?

Commonly used tests e.g. instrument swab tests or visual inspection can neither detect some proteins, nor the lower levels of protein. Another problem with swab test, which is the most frequently used test method, is that only part of instrument can be tested and the results remain subjective as to whether the operator has performed the tests and interpreted the results correctly. As independent test shows there is an improvement in protein removal by keeping instruments moist in AZO GEL as compared to instruments that were left to dry. Finally, there is scientific evidence that was used in published US and UK guidelines e.g. CFPP 01-01 to support the claim that pre-moist instruments, prevents full attachment of hydrophobic proteins such that they are more efficiently removed by cleaning. Prions, endotoxins and bioburden are three things to be wary about when assessing the effectiveness of the sterilisation process. And it is well known that dried films of tissue are more resistant to prion inactivation by steam sterilisation than the tissues that have been kept moist.

By using AZO GEL will this reduce how long the instruments need to go into the washer? If so by how long? or can they go in at a lower temperature?

You should not change the settings for your validated decontamination process. AZO GEL will help in that the pre-cleaning process, if in place - will be quicker. If there is no pre-soaking, there will/might be fewer rewashes, as the protein will be removed better from the instruments. All in all, AZO GEL will reduce the time of pre-cleaning instruments.