Azo™ Detergent Wipes Flushable and Macerator Friendly

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Azo™ Detergent flushable and macerator friendly wipes are strong and durable, ideal for routine cleaning and damp dusting. Convenient, easy to use and flushable / Macerator friendly, a great alternative to cleaning with a reusable cloth, soap and water; leaving the surface fresh and clean and are easy to dispose of.

Macerator friendly

Macerator friendly

Flushable wipes

Flushable wipes

wipe size (cm)

wipe size (cm)

packs per case

packs per case

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Azo™ Detergent Wipes


Powerful detergent formula

Azo™ Detergent wipes contain a powerful detergent formulation designed to remove organic matter from surfaces, leaving surfaces smelling fresh and clean. Our Azo™ Detergent wipes are a great alternative to cleaning with reusable cloths, soap and water. One wipe should be used per surface ensuring no cross-contamination of surfaces.

Flushable and macerator friendly wipes

Azo™ Detergent flushable and macerator friendly wipes are suitable to be flushed down a standard toilet system or disposed of through a pulp disposal macerator systems, and are fully compatible to be used on and disposed through all Vernacare pulp disposal units.

Made in Britain

Manufactured in the UK using the highest quality materials, Azo™ Detergent wipes can be widely used for general everyday cleaning and damp dusting in healthcare settings as well as non-healthcare areas such as janitorial, leisure, education and hospitality.

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Where can Azo™ Detergent be used?

Azo™ Detergent can be used on hard surfaces for everyday cleaning.

Is the wipe material maceratable?

Yes, the wipe material is pulp based, making it fully dispersible and safe to flush and macerate.

Where are the Azo™ Detergent wipes manufactured?

Azo™ Detergent wipes are manufactured using quality materials in the UK.