Vernacare, together with Hospidex NV, delivers on partnership with BioNTech as 100 million low dead space needles arrive in Frankfurt, Germany


Additionally, Vernacare and Hospidex NV have gained a leading position in the European Union tender on COVID-19 materials (Sante/2020/C3/055), as they prove to be part of the solution to the global COVID-19 vaccination roll out.

Low Dead Space Needles

Low dead space needles, also referred to as low dead volume needles, are rapidly becoming the preferred solution for extracting more doses per vial, delivering more effective vaccination rollouts, and facilitating a faster resolution to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vernacare has a long history of working with low dead space needles and in recent months has developed a highly compatible low dead space needle solution. In response to a request from BioNTech, and based on supportive in-house studies conducted by BioNTech, the company has designed and adapted their low dead space needles to fit the great majority of leading syringe brands.

Vernacare has established a dedicated Vaccine Solutions team, building on experience from the Harm Reduction market. In addition, the company has developed enhanced capabilities in product design, sourcing, global logistics, regulatory processes, and a responsive and flexible business model. As James Steele, Chief Executive Officer of Vernacare, comments:

"Vernacare is ready and positioned to play its part in responding to and managing the COVID-19 pandemic situation".

Vernacare will run with a production capacity ofover 1 billion low dead space needles per year, ready to respond to the ongoing and evolving COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination roll-out programmes. This will be a continuing programme, reflective of the fact that health authorities, governments, and vaccine manufacturers now universally recognise the importance of low dead space equipment in maximising dosage capability and that low dead space needles are a fast and efficient solution relative to the challenges presented by low dead space syringes.

Vernacare and its long term trading partner Hospidex NV, headquartered in Belgium, has gained a leading position in the European Union COVID-19 tender and is actively fielding enquiries from European governments as vaccination programmes are ramped up.

BioNTech has purchased more than 150 million needles from Vernacare and are in discussions to purchase more. It is making these needles available to countries around the world to those who need them.

In regards to safety and needle usage, the Vernacare position has always been focused on how the needle is used and disposed of. There does not need to be any compromise in safety if the needle is securely placed into a dedicated sharps disposal container. Vernacare is also a leading player and market innovator for sharps and clinical waste disposal with the brand Sharpsafe®.

The centre of Vernacare vaccine support operations is Blackwood, South Wales, which is the hub of the Vernacare expertise, user insight and deep understanding of the low dead space and safe sharps disposal programmes.

Want to learn about our low dead space needles?

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Through innovation and manufacturing excellence, Vernacare continues to transform the standards within healthcare environments across the globe. Vernacare has revolutionised the experience of patients and healthcare professionals for more than 50 years, making sure that infection is prevented and people are protected.

Vernacare is an infection prevention specialist with operations in medical pulp, macerators, dry and wet wipes, wound care, surgical, sharps and clinical waste disposal, and harm reduction, as well as Vaccine Solutions. As pioneers for safe and sustainable care Vernacare, and its international network of partners, provide market-leading solutions that not only create a safer future for healthcare facilities but also create a greener, more sustainable planet.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Vernacare have continued to support facilities around the world by decreasing the transmission of the virus with single-use disposable products, as well as low dead space solutions to assist in the vaccination programme.

With over 450 employees across the UK and North America, Vernacare work alongside a global network of international partners, ensuring that everyone who uses Vernacare products enjoys all of the training and technical assistance required.