Celti Medic releases new website to educate Mexico on Covid-19 precautions

In Mexico the World Health Organization report that there are over 450,000 healthcare associated infections (HAI’s) every year, threatening the safety of patients and healthcare professionals. Worryingly, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, experts have predicted we will see a vast increase in the number of HAIs over the coming months and years.

With their new website, Celti Medic’s aim is to help transform safe patient care by highlighting the dangers of HAI’s and providing expert advice on how to prevent them.  This new site will be a knowledge hub, used to share specialist information and guidance that helps Mexican healthcare professionals provide a higher quality of care.

Celti Medic

Celti Medic are at the forefront of infection prevention and control in Mexico. During our 3-year partnership, we have worked together to transform the standards within healthcare environments nationwide. Most recently during the global pandemic, the team have been able to support emergency Covid-19 facilities.

Throughout this time, Celti Medic have worked closely with both the British Embassy in Mexico and the Mexican Government, to ensure medical facilities are prepared to manage the virus. They have consequently installed the Vernacare full system solution into some of the most important Covid-19 hospitals in Mexico, including Centro Banamex and the hospital in Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

The Vernacare System

The Vernacare system is a single-use patient toileting system, which uses fully biodegradable, single-use pulp containers to toilet patients and hospital macerators to dispose of both the container and its contents. This innovative solution ensures that the source of infection is fully eliminated, reducing the risk of cross-contamination between patients and staff.

Our system has been advocated by the World Health Organization since the start of the pandemic, advising that “all equipment should be single use and disposable to minimise the risk of transmission”. In high risk environments, such as hospitals treating Covid-19 patients, eliminating this risk of cross-infection is critical to ensuring patient safety.

Over the past few months, the team at Celti Medic have been continuing to provide training to many of the front-line workers in these hospitals, ensuring they are aware of the dangers of cross-contamination and have the skills and knowledge needed to control the risk.

This education is crucial in the fight against Covid-19 and healthcare associated infections. Celti Medic’s educational site will therefore allow them to further support the Mexican health sector by sharing their expertise on infection control and providing guidance on managing the spread of infection.

Celti Medic Infection Prevention Training
Celti Medic training frontline workers
Celti Medic filming product training

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