In January 2020, the World Health Organisation issued a guidance report on infection prevention & control strategies which stated that “equipment should be either single-use and disposable¹” to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19.



Coronavirus - Transmission

The World Health Organization have released numerous statements regarding prevention of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As more and more cases have been identified internationally, it is important that prevention methods are executed immediately.

The transmission of COVID-19 is respiratory, meaning the virus is spread from person to person, usually after close contact. (Unsure of the symptoms? Read our latest report)

Patients with the virus can easily spread the infection when they speak, sneeze or cough near someone who then comes into direct contact with these infected droplets. The Coronavirus can survive as droplets on surfaces for several hours, meaning touching an infected surface before touching your eyes, nose or mouth can also put you at risk.


Coronavirus - Standard precautions

The WHO advise that standard precautions for all patients are applied in the areas of waste management & environmental cleaning: 

Human coronaviruses can persist on reusable containers such as bedpans, urinals and bowls for up to 9 days, putting at risk every patient and healthcare professional of catching COVID-19.

Every healthcare facility should be using disposable medical graded pulp containers & supporting products to prevent the spread of infection. 

With a range of more than 20 different disposable products such as urinals, washbowls and jugs, Vernacare is the largest medical graded pulp manufacturer in the world. 


Healthcare facilities in more than 50 countries are using Vernacare’s extensive infection control solutions to reduce the chance of the virus spreading.



Testing for COVID-19



Various sizes available, ergonomically shaped with integrated graduations.

Product codes: 104AA200 (S) 111AA200 (M) 112AA100 (L)


General purpose measuring jug with ergonomic handle for improved grip and integrated graduations.

Product code: 110AA100

Mid-Steam Sampler

Ideal for drive-through testing. As seen on the BBC.
Product code: 113BA100


Toileting Patients


Male Urinal

Ergonomically shaped design, providing convenience, dignity and comfort to patients. As seen on CBC News.
Product code: 102AA100

Female Urinal

Increased patient safety, dignity and comfort for independent female toileting.
Product code: 108AA024

Bedpan & Support

For general toileting of patients.
Product codes: 122AA050 & 121AA075


Spillages & Safe Disposal


Body Fluid Spill Kit

A dry granule which solidifies bodily fluids in seconds, isolating infection.


Product codes: 450SC100 (100 sachets) 456MA475 (475g shaker) 456MA400 (4kg tub)

Hospital Macerators - The Compact Range

The Compact Range has a patented design, with hands-free operation via an ultrasonic foot sensor, ensuring the highest hygiene standards.

Product Code:  (+) 2060ZA001, 2050ZA001 

Clinical Waste

If you do not have access to a hospital macerator, all of our products can be safely disposed of in clinical waste.


Bathing Patients



Detergent-proof washbowls can hold warm water & soap for up to two hours.

Product codes: 118AA100 (4 ltrs) 117AA040 (6ltrs)

Bed Bathing Washcloths

Impregnated with skin cleansers to help remove sweat, dirt, urine and faeces from the skin.
Product codes: MBB05 (5 pack) MBB08
(8 pack)

Flushable Wet Wipes

A time-saving solution for continence care and everyday personal cleansing.

Product code: RSC767


All of our products are made in the UK, resulting in an uninterrupted supply chain. 

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