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Vernacare provide solutions that help to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. From environmental cleaning and disinfection wipes to VernaGel and disposable medical pulp containers. Talk to our experts today to protect your employees, patients and healthcare facility.

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Coronavirus - Transmission

The World Health Organization have released numerous statements regarding prevention of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As more and more cases have been identified internationally, it is important that prevention methods are executed immediately.

The transmission of COVID-19 is respiratory, meaning the virus is spread from person to person, usually after close contact. (Unsure of the symptoms? Read our latest report)

Patients with the virus can easily spread the infection when they speak, sneeze or cough near someone who then comes into direct contact with these infected droplets. The Coronavirus can survive as droplets on surfaces for several hours, meaning touching an infected surface before touching your eyes, nose or mouth can also put you at risk.


As the Novel Coronavirus is easily transmitted through droplets, it is important to take steps to limit the spread of the virus and protect your health. The advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) is use simple disinfectants to kill the virus. This includes our range of AZOTM range of surface cleaning and disinfectant wipes.​ 


The AZOTM range:

  • Quick drying no residue formulation
    70% v/v IPA blended with 0.2 micron deionised water with no additives or impurities, leaving no residue, allowing the disinfected area or equipment to be used shortly after application.


  • Kills key micro-organisms quickly
    Effective against MRSA, E.coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, HIV, Hep B, Hep C and Norovirus. The AZOTM range is proven to be effective against the COVID-19 in 15 seconds.


  • 99.9999% pathogen kill rate
    Validated by European standard EN 13727 and EN 1276. 


  • BPR compliant
    Azo™ 70% IPA wipes and sprays are compliant to biocidal product regulation 528/2012, and are manufactured to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Standards.


  • Designed for professional use
    Suitable for use in a number of areas including laboratories, hospitality, hospital, operating theatres, GP and dental surgeries.




Coronavirus - Additional precautions

The WHO advise that standard precautions for all patients are applied in the areas of waste management & environmental cleaning: 


Minimize the spread of COVID-19 by replacing reusable bedpans with disposable medical pulp alternatives.



COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for several hours. The AzoTM range can eradicate the disease in seconds.



Guidelines state that where bedpans are used, excreta should be solidified using super absorbent gel and disposed of safely.






Coronavirus & COVID-19 - Contact us for professional advice

We at Vernacare, care about reducing the risk of cross-infection of not only patients but healthcare professionals too. Please contact us for professional advice if you are concerned about your infection prevention methods.

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