NEW Plastic free, 3% Dimethicone Barrier Cloth by Conti

Intelligent skin care.

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IAD Prevention

Maintaining personal hygiene and effective continence management are fundamental nursing activities in tackling IAD (Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis), and subsequent pressure ulcer prevention. Studies highlight the importance of prevention through cleansing, moisturising and protecting the skin.

Skin contamination 










The Solution

Conti® Barrier Cloth is specifically designed to improve incontinence management and deliver intelligent skin care. The all-in-one wipe is pre-impregnated with skin cleansers and moisturisers, delivering gentle and effective skin cleansing; whist dimethicone provides barrier protection, minimising the negative effects of re-wetting. The time saving solution is an ideal alternative to traditional practices, and the environmentally friendly cellulose wipe fibres allows for unique, safe and hygienic disposal in either toilet or macerator.


A unique approach to continence care


Environmentally-Friendly Solution

100% plastic-free cellulose-based material, providing a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Safe and Hygienic Disposal

Unique macerator-friendly and flushable product eliminates the risk of costly macerator blockages or the costs associated with clinical waste disposal.

Effective Contamination Removal

Proven to remove organic matter* reducing the need for vigorous rubbing and wiping, whilst supporting the regeneration of the skin’s natural barrier function.

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