Put to the test

Despite many alternative brands making misleading claims, our wipes have been subjected to the latest EDANA GD4 dispersibility testing; a new standard that only came into effect in October 2018.

Providing an all-in-one time-saving solution for continence care and everyday personal cleansing, the wipes also possess the added convenience of quick, safe and hygienic disposal in either a toilet or macerator.

We see a lot of wipes that are classified as ‘flushable by size’ with the material itself not actually being suitable to be disposed of down the drain. Unfortunately a lot of people’s attitudes is that if the wipe is gone after they flush, then it’s someone else’s problem. Conti® Flushable Wipes are different however.







Did you know?

The nationwide cost of unblocking the sewers maintained by the water and sewerage companies is now estimated at £88 million a year, with claims that three-quarters of sewer blockages are caused by flushing inappropriate wipes.

We’re finding that our dry and wet wipes are increasing in popularity following recent media coverage around ‘fatbergs’. As our wipes are 100% plastic-free, they’re not only kind to the skin, but also the environment.

Providing a gentle, effective and convenient solution for intimate personal hygiene.

  • Dermatologically tested
  • pH balanced with added moisturisers
  • Lanolin and alcohol free
  • Lightly scented


If you missed our blog on these gruesome fatbergs lurking beneath our streets, make sure you read it here.



What does flushable actually mean?


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