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What is it?


VernaGel is a dry granule with rapid absorption properties which stabilises bodily fluids and other medical waste into an easily transportable, semi-solid gel. Thanks to its patented water-soluble seal it takes only seconds to solidify up to 1.2 litres resulting in no spillages, easier disposal and improved infection control. 


Why VernaGel?
Where can I use VernaGel?

VernaGel requires no special skills or training in use – making it ideal to use in almost every kind of healthcare situation where fluids are present:

  • Sharps Residues
  • Spillages
  • Liquid medicine disposal
  • Colostomy bags
  • Sanitary waste

Use in conjunction with Vernacare’s single-use containers such as:

Where can VernaGel be disposed?

VernaGel can be disposed of in clinical waste and pulp disposal units. Where this is not possible, empty into a toilet or slop hopper. Do not tip ‘gelled’ substance into wash basins or sinks.


Formats available:






Vernagel 100 Sachets

1 case of 100 x 7g sachets

Product Code 450SC100

VernaGel Bottle

475g bottle of loose powder

Product Code 456MA475

VernaGel Large Tub

4kg tub of loose powder

Product Code 456MA400

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