The popularity of our Oasis® Bed Bathing Range continues to grow both internationally and here in the UK. Proven to reduce skin bacteria, and deliver cost savings, Oasis® provides the ideal solution for full-body cleansing in place of tradition bowls of soap and water.


The Problem

Traditional bed bathing practices using soap and water pose many inherent issues for both patient and nurse.

Patient comfort and emotional wellbeing can be compromised, and various studies have been published highlighting the link between traditional soap and water bathing and Health Care Associated Infections (HCAIs).

The Solution

The Oasis® Waterless Bathing Range - A comfortable, therapeutic bed bathing solution without the issues associated with soap and water.

Pre-impregnated with skin cleansers to gently bathe and hydrate the skin, Oasis® provides a convenient, ‘rinse free’, bed bathing solution:



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✔ Proven to reduce time and cost

✔ Proven to significantly reduce skin bacteria

✔ Reduced risk of cross-contamination

✔ Increased skin moisturisation

✔ Reduced manual repositioning

✔ Supports a reduction in CAUTIs



The Oasis® Range

Unique Maceratable Range

The Unique macerator-friendly Washcloths eliminate the risk of costly macerator blockages or the costs associated with clinical waste disposal.

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Washcloth & Washmitt

The large soft washcloths and washmitts contain a unique combination of skin cleansers to help remove dirt from the skin  

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Shampoo Caps

Pre-impregnated with a mild shampoo and conditioner, a massaging actin releases cleansers into the hair from the hydrophillic fabric. 

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