Vernacare are putting on a show from 18-20 September 2017 at the Infection Prevention Society’s Annual Conference at Manchester Central.  You’ll be able to find our entire range of single-use products, and for the first time, our full suite of disposal units, including the newest addition to the family, the Vernacare Compact.


Developed with clinicians and healthcare professionals, as the smallest disposal unit on the market, the Compact is set to make a big impact. Ideal for small spaces and specialist areas, the Compact is completely contact-less and can be: wall-mounted to save floor space, built into an existing area for a flush finish, or simply placed on a plinth for a floor-standing option.


The Vernacare range of disposal units all feature SmartFlow™ technology, a unique maceration system which ensures that finely broken down waste particles are only flushed to drain once maximum water dispersion has been achieved. SmartFlow™ brings a new standard of efficient infection prevention to healthcare facilities.


There is even more to tell you, but we’d rather show you. Come and visit us on stand 22 to experience the future of smarter infection prevention...

Vernacare's Compact+ Hospital Macerator

Vernacare's newset Compact hospital macerator

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