Case Study

The CUF Descobertas Opted for 10 Vernacare Macerators Within Their Hospital

Posted: Client: CUF Infante Santo Country: Portugal


The CUF Group hospitals converted to the Vernacare system with the support of Aviquimica Lta, the Vernacare distributor in Portugal who have been promoting the benefits of the single use system for toileting and bathing for over 20 years. Back in the early 90s, they arranged a meeting with the Group, and presented the benefits of the Vernacare system, including the reduction of cross-infection rates, specifically C-Diff, the empowerment of staff, and the cost reductions that the Group could enjoy. Following a successful trial process, the Nursing Director, teamed with the Group’s administration, decided to replace the bedpan washers in place within CUF Infante Santo in every wards, including the intensive care units. This was the first hospital within the Grupo Cuf to welcome the Vernacare system back in 1995 and currently has 12 pulp disposal units installed throughout the facility.


Following the successful implementation of the Vernacare system in CUF Infante Santo, the CUF Descobertas, opened in 2001 opted for 10 Vernacare macerators within their hospital. The process was led by the hospital’s head nurse who opted for the Vernacare single use system as the preferred solution for safe and efficient human waste handling in their newly built facility. Since then, other facilities within the CUF Group across Portugal introduced the Vernacare system and the Group’s facilities use at present cumulatively 40 Vernacare pulp disposal units.


Staff across the CUF hospitals have embraced the Vernacare system for reducing levels of infection within their respective hospitals, and lessening the amount of time they need to spend in dirty utility rooms. Most importantly, since the system was introduced, nurses reported that an increase in morale was evident, and that in addition, the overall patient experience was more dignified.

For the Group, the environmental impact taking into account the levels of water and energy consumption were favoured over the previous bedpan washer system. The administration of the Vernacare system also helped hospitals to save money compared with the old reusable system. Aviquimica are actively looking to expand the number of macerators installed across the multiple sites that are part of the CUF Group.

What the client had to say

"Nurses reported that an increase in morale was evident, and that in addition, the overall patient experience was more dignified".