Case Study

Kenco Recovers from Freak Accident

Posted: Client: Kate Ledger Country: United Kingdom


When Kate Ledger from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, went to bring her horse Kenco in from the field an accident resulted in a nasty injury to his front leg.

As Kate was about to put Kenco’s headcollar on, he was too eager to get in for his tea and pushed his way through the gate and fell onto the concrete. The impact caused him to rip the skin from the front of his leg leaving a gaping wound.

In shock, Kate immediately rang the vet who came out straight way to attend to 16-year-old, Kenco.


After assessing the wound the vet gave it a thorough clean, before it was stitched and bandaged. The wound was then dressed using Activate® Carbon Dressing which helps cleanse infected wounds and promotes rapid wound closure. Veterinary Gamgee® was then applied over the dressing to help protect the wound from further trauma, before finally being secured in place with Equiwrap® bandages.

For the first two weeks following the injury the vet came out every day to clean and re-dress the wound, which was then reduced to twice a week. 

Once the stitches were removed the vet recommended Vetalintex® wound hydrogel to help keep the wound moist, which aids healing. The Activate® Carbon Dressing was then replaced with Skintact® low adherent dressing which is easily removed without causing any distress to the horse.

Kenco was placed on box rest for four weeks to limit his movement, hopefully resulting in the wound being held together before being allowed out in a small paddock.

Kate, who works for the NHS as a Project Support Officer, was really pleased with his progress and how effective all the products were.


Kate began riding Kenco a week after he had been turned out in the small paddock, just walking up and down the lane to start with before building up to a longer hack.

The pair enjoy participating in pleasure rides and hope to venture out to a dressage competition in the future, now Kenco is fully recovered.

What the client had to say

Said Kate: “The vet was unsure as to how well the wound would heal, as there was a chance it could break down, but luckily it held together well. 

“Kenco coped really well on box rest and only had a couple of sachets of bute during the whole time, although he was getting fed up towards the end of the fourth week. Luckily the injury never caused any lameness. 

“I was really pleased with the treatment that Kenco received from Ridings Equine Vets and the Robinson Animal Healthcare products certainly helped. The vet supplied some of the products and I found everything else that I needed on the Robinson Animal Healthcare website. 

“I have used Vetalintex wound hydrogel for years having been introduced to it by my first vet, so it has been in my first aid kit ever since.”