Case Study

Charlton Kings Care Home: Vortex+ Installation

Posted: Client: Charlton Kings Care Home Country: United Kingdom

Charlton Kings is a long-term care facility based in Cheltenham, England. They have been providing quality care to residents since 2003, with a vision of achieving excellence in healthcare standards and offering the very best care in the sector.

With their residents well-being at the heart of everything they do, services and amenities are constantly updated and improved. The facility has recently upgraded its sluice room equipment, introducing Vernacare hospital macerators and single-use pulp containers to ensure the highest standards of infection prevention and control.



Charlton Kings has been using bedpan washers and reusable containers to dispose of humn waste. Due to some unavoidable inconsistencies with bedpan washers, which risked compromising the safety of both residents & healthcare workers, the facility sought to upgrade its sluice room equipment, ensuring the highest standards of hygienic patient care.


With a primary focus on resident's well-being, Charlton Kings main priority was on reducing the risk of infection. This has now become an even greater priority in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jan and her team feel confident that the Vernacare human waste management system is the most effective in ensuring the safety of residents and staff. The system incorporates the latest infection control features including an inflatable lid seal to prevent aerosols from spreading and hands-free technology to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The macerators integrated deodoriser also helps to reduce residual odours.

Asides from the obvious infection control benefits, Charlton Kings healthcare workers also benefit from the simplicity of the system. The short cycle length and ease of the use means the team now have more time to spend caring for their residents.


Since the Vernacare system has been in use, staff at Charlton Kings care home have been impressed with the number of benefits they have experienced. General Manager Jan commented "the system is quick, easy, and clean to use, this has resulted in improved infection prevention, increased efficiences, and an overall higher quality of resident care."

The process was led by Jan Makin, registered manager, who has previous experience using the Vernacare system and felt this would be the best solution for safe and efficient human waste handling.

Vernacare was able to provide a full-system solution, installing Vernacare's Vortex+ hospital macerator and introducing a range of pulp containers including bedpans and urinals.


What the client had to say

"The system is quick, easy, and clean to use, this has resulted in improved infection and prevention."