phs Group are early adopters of 5th Generation Sharpsafe®


Vernacare launched the World's first full range of sustainable single-use sharps containers, Sharpsafe 5th Generation, back in April 2022. Manufactured from low carbon footprint recycled materials, the products lower the impact essential single-use products have on the environment. The range reduces virgin plastic from entering the supply chain and has a significantly lower carbon footprint than the previous 4th generation range.

Long-term distribution partner, phs Group, the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, was an early adopter of the 5th Generation Sharpsafe containers, being the first UK customer to receive the new grey containers.


Who are phs Group?

Founded in 1963, phs Group is the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Ireland, and Spain. They provide vital workplace services to organisations, meeting the needs of up to 100 million people. phs Group predominantly work within the healthcare industry to dispose of clinical, pharmaceutical, and dental waste, and this is where the partnership with Vernacare began. 

The Safe and Sustainable Management of Clinical Waste

The safety of all our customers from healthcare workers to independent business owners remained our number one priority through the extensive development process. Needlestick injuries remain a risk within this industry. The impact of these injuries on both healthcare settings and businesses can be detrimental to the day-to-day operations of the workplace, and to the individuals involved in the injury. Our aim has always been to lower the risk of needlestick injuries, and thus the risk of transmission of bloodborne viruses.

Single-use plastics products are necessary and recommended as best practice by the WHO within clinical waste management for infection prevention and control. By offering containers that contain up to 100% recycled materials; we have greatly reduced the impact our products have on the environment, without compromising on quality or safety.


Doing the Right Thing - Why 5th Generation?

phs Group believed in our vision of sustainable clinical waste management and were passionate about delivering this innovative product to its customers.

Amanda Haywood, Head of Product Development at phs Group, said, "Our customers want to be as green as possible and look to phs to lead the way in responsible waste management solutions. While the raw materials used to make the bins have changed, there is absolutely no compromise in the quality of the all-new Sharpsafe recyclable sharps containers range."

The switch to 5th Generation is guaranteed to be a seamless transition. All existing trolleys, NPSD trays, and other accessories fit with the new range and dimensions and weights remain the same as previous generations. Most importantly, the features and benefits remain the same, customers will notice no change in the quality of the safe containers but have the satisfaction of knowing that the containers that have provided safe and secure management of clinical waste for the last 40 years now have the added benefit of significantly lower carbon emissions.

The only notable difference has been the change in the colour of the base and a single digit code change.

The Results

Early calculations show that by implementing the Sharpsafe range, phs Group has reduced its carbon footprint on like for like product orders by 47%.

Amanda Haywood summarises:

"We're delighted to be setting new industry standards for environmental responsibility together while ensuring clients can access the best sustainable products on the market. While the partnership demonstrates phs' commitment to both the environment and innovation, incorporating more low carbon footprint recycled materials into waste management is ultimately the right thing to do - for our businesses, for our customers, and for the future of our planet."

The Future Together

As early adopters of the 5th Generation of Sharpsafe, we would like to thank phs Group for its ongoing dedication to the Sharpsafe and Vernacare sustainability journey.

Here at Vernacare we are driving sustainable product innovation to maximise infection prevention, whilst protecting our planet. The synergy between Vernacare and phs Group ensures environmentally responsible solutions for clinical waste management.

Together, we are committed to reducing carbon footprint on our products and reducing virgin plastic entering the supply chain, which is in line with the needs of our customers and their ambitious green agendas. 

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