How long have you been a member of the Vernacare family and what job roles have you had in that time?

I joined Vernacare in October 2016 just over 3 years ago. Initially I joined as a Senior Product Manager, managing the Surgical portfolio. Following the acquisition of Synergy Health Healthcare Consumable Solutions I was promoted to my current role, Head of Product Management for Surgical Solutions. In this role I am responsible for managing some of our key product ranges such as our BERT® range of laparoscopic retrieval bags.


How has Vernacare changed in the time you have been here?

I have seen a lot of positive change at Vernacare within the last 3 years. Primarily, our Surgical product portfolio expanded to include the Comfi™ range of tubular bandages and garments, which is a great addition to our product offerings. This was an exciting opportunity for me as a Product Manager and has also opened a lot of opportunities for both our Markets and Distributors.

The office culture at Vernacare has changed as well. I am really enjoying internal changes such as increased staff engagement activities. A couple of my favourite events from the past year include the Soggy Bottom Bake Off and Halloween Banquet, it’s a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other away from our desks. 

What does your job involve day to day?

One of the things I love about Product Management is the variety within the role. In the space of one week I attended Medical Expo in Germany, trained a new member of staff on our surgical product range, developed artwork for an exciting new product and worked with my team to prepare products for a hospital tender - it’s busy but that’s why I love it! The role requires me to work across all departments within the company, work with our global network of distributors across the world, meet nursing staff within hospitals and get out into the industry to discover current and future trends and challenges.


What part of working with Vernacare has been the most enjoyable?

For me Product Management has always been about the products, and I am so proud of what we offer at Vernacare. We are market leaders and innovators in our field, constantly striving to improve and develop our product offerings. The best part of the role is seeing our products make a difference to healthcare workers and patients. Vernacare has always been passionate about the products and the services we offer, and we ensure that patient and staff safety is always at the heart of what we do.

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The best part of the role is seeing our products make a difference to healthcare workers and patients.

What has been your biggest achievement in the role so far?

There have been a lot of things that I have achieved during my time with the business, but two highlights stand out.

1.The first was going through a large scale outsource of over 300 products to enable the business to continue efficiently long term. It brought about many challenges, but with teamwork we achieved it.

2. I am also very proud of our BERT® range of Laparoscopic tissue retrieval bags. We were the innovators of this product and recent research has shown that 30 years on it is still loved by surgeons. Our next challenge is to develop this fantastic product further!


What would you say are the most important skills you have to use day to day within the role?

Multitasking! Its an extremely varied role, which interacts with every department in the company, so managing projects, actions and deadlines requires strong time management and communication skills. Being creative is also important as there is always a new challenge which requires me to challenge ideas and think creatively to find the best solution.


When you are not working what do you enjoy doing?

I always have the best time with our crazy little 4 year old, Harry. He makes me laugh on a daily basis, especially with his view on the world! Harry always has so much energy, so I recently completed the couch to 5k challenge, so I can keep up with him! I now absolutely love running!

I also enjoy exploring new places and doing new activities, we often spend weekends away and enjoy going on family holidays.  


What is your most significant personal achievement to date?

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel around Australia for 3 months, which took me from Sydney to Cairns, across to Perth, and through the outback on an amazing adventure. Whilst I was visiting the Great Barrier Reef, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to qualify as an advanced scuba diver. As part of the qualification I was able to go diving with some local teams on deep wreck dives in the reef, it was absolutely incredible.

I was also a Tawny Owl Brownie Leader for 17 years. I was privileged to spend time with an amazing group of girls and together we became double world record holders! We hold records for the World’s Biggest Sleepover and World’s Longest Street Party. 


Is there anything you have always wanted to do in life?

I am so lucky that my work and personal life have given me many different opportunities, so there is nothing major that I feel like I have always wanted to do. However I have set myself the challenge of completing the Three Peaks Challenge within the next 12 months  - wish me luck!


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