We want to get to know you! What’s your job role here at Vernacare and how long have you been with the company?

Here at Vernacare, I am the Production Manager for the Folds Road site, where we manufacture all of the pulp products. In May this year I will have been with the company for 12 years! I originally joined the business as a Production Team Leader where I was managing one of the three teams on the rotating shifts operating the factory. I have been in my current role for just over 12 months, which has been a fantastic challenge in terms of my professional development as the company is growing significantly with lots of developments in the pipeline.


What is a typical week day like for you?

My day starts with reviewing the previous day's production, understanding what processes were working well and identifying what areas can be improved to ensure that the factory is working to high standards of quality and efficiency. I then put plans into place for the next day and the week ahead that will help to avoid any challenging situations arising which can range from production issues to arrangements made with international customers and suppliers.

A ‘not-so-typical’ day was when BBC Radio Manchester visited the factory for an interview evolving around ‘swapping news for loos’. This was a great opportunity to speak on the radio on behalf of Vernacare, and even though I was slightly nervous at first, but I soon relaxed into the interview as soon as I began to explain the processes of making pulp.

What values would you say are essential to be successful within your role and with life in general?

In my role, it is really important for me to remain positive and organised as I have a variety of responsibilities that consist of managing other teams and processes. I have to ensure that everything runs smoothly so that we can constantly produce quality products consistently 24 hours a day 5 days a week and during high demand periods through the weekends. I remain very enthusiastic at work as I have a lot of people who rely on me for day to day tasks, so I believe in keeping my teams motivated and focussed as well as making sure they are working in a safe and risk free environment.


I see myself continuing to establish advanced processes at the Folds Road factory and hopefully we will be able to announce new and exciting developments in the near future.

What would you say is your most significant personal achievement to date?

Achieving the position I am in now before I turned 40 (just by 2 months) is a big milestone for me as it was a badge of recognition for all of the hard work that I have done within the company over the past decade. I feel proud of how much I have accomplished whilst working for Vernacare, which includes travelling to China to gain more industry knowledge, dealing with large chemical companies and heading up future developments within the pulp manufacturing process. All of these experiences have earned me the reputation of ‘pulp manufacturing guru’ at the factory!

Where do you see yourself and the company within the next 10 years?

The company is growing every single day on an international scale! This makes it a great company to work for as no day is ever the same, making it hard to say exactly where the company will be in 10 years! I would like to see production going strong in Bolton for the foreseeable future, investing in new ways to improve the quality of the products, as well as new high tech machinery

Let’s have some fun! What do you enjoy doing when you are not at Vernacare?

My spare time is mostly taken up by being a ‘dad taxi’ for my 10-year-old daughter Evie, who seems to have more of a social life than me! She has swimming training four times a week, as well as scouts and plenty of homework in between. My wife Caroline is a lawyer, which means during the week we are both extremely busy. So spending quality time with my wife and daughter is incredibly important to me, so we always make time for walks in the countryside and meals out to different places. We also enjoy traveling and are looking forward to visiting Abu Dhabi next month and are planning a ski trip next year to Italy. I am also a proud/frustrated Bolton Wanderers fan and have been all my life! I hold a season ticket and regularly attend the games with friends.

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