Beyond the “soft as a baby’s bottom” stereotype, infant skin can be much more susceptible to certain problems; after all, it is still developing! It may seem obvious, but skin acts as a barrier against pathogens and the environment, in turn protecting the body against infection and diseases. As infants continue to develop an immune system, healthy skin is a must!


Here’s why infants skin needs extra special care and protection:
  • Skin takes five years to develop, starting at the moment of delivery1
  • An infant’s epidermis (outermost layer of skin) is 20% thinner than in adults, making it more permeable 2
  • Infants’ skin loses water more quickly than adults, leaving it more prone to dryness2
  • Infants’ skin also absorbs more quickly than adults, making it more sensitive to chemicals3
  • Its estimated 10-20% of babies have a run-in with eczema before age one, often a result of contact with an irritant4
Selecting the right products – what to look out for…

Did you know that many skin care products are actually only suitable for use on children three years and over?  These products could potentially be harmful to a baby’s more sensitive skin.

Whilst all skin care products undergo safety assessments before made available to the public(taking into account; ingredients, preservation during shelf life and suitability for use on skin), there are much stricter (and additional) criteria where the product is intended for use on children under three years.

So… Always look for products that have been formulated especially for infants.


...Always check the pack!



Our Conti® Wet Wipes are approved for use on babies over three months, following a successful clinical trial. The super soft material also makes them great for sensitive skin.

95% of parents were satisfied/very satisfied with the product.

Look out for the icon on the pack!

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Also Available: ComfiFast™ Easywrap™ Garments are suitable for head-to-toe dressing in the treatment of Pediatrics atopic eczema. The garments are designed to fit each area of the body; ranging from a clava for the head through to socks for the feet, providing an ideal solution for covering the skin when using steroids, heavy emollients or ointments.

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