Why should we care about our skin?

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies and plays a vital role in protecting our insides from infections and diseases. You could say our skin is like our own suit of body amour and it is often the first barrier that Hospital Acquired Infections come into contact with. Thankfully at Vernacare our products are designed to reduce the risk of Hospital Acquired infections thanks to our single use system.


Here are some shocking skin facts we bet you didn’t know:

  • Our skin helps to regulate our body temperature and can even repair itself when damaged1
  • The skin renews itself every 28 days, even while your asleep mother nature is doing her job and making sure your skin exfoliates itself.1
  • The average person’s skin covers an incredible 2 square meters and makes up for 15% of your body weight.2
  • The thickest part of your skin is on your feet, measuring in at 1.4mm thick. And the thinnest part is the skin on your eye lids, measuring in at 0.02mm thick.2

This TED Ed video3 demonstrates the fascinating process of our skin regenerating and renewing itself when cut or wounded, allowing our experts here at Vernacare to adapt our products to help in this healing process.


So what can we do to help treat a lesion?

Step 1

Clean the wound, this can be done simply by rinsing the wound under a running tap for 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 2

Soak a gauze pad or cloth in the water and dab the wound gently, remember not to use antiseptic wipes as this may actually damage the skin!

Step 3

Gently dry the area with soft tissues and then apply one of our Comfi bandages. They come in a variety sizes and are great for covering small body parts such as fingers and toes!


Comfi uses the highest quality materials and offers a cost effective solution for dressing retention, dermatological skin conditions, muscle sprains/strains and venous diseases.

If you are wondering at what point you should visit a hospital, here is a list of advice from the NHS website 4:

  • Bleeding does not stop
  • The wound is very large or deep
  • Wound has something embedded in it
  • The wound is too painful for you to clean yourself
  • Was caused by a bite – all animal and human bites need medical attention

If your Lesion is severe and needs to be treated in hospital, you may find yourself in that tricky situation of being bed bound and not being able to make it to the toilet facilities. But don’t worry, our Vernacare products will be by your side to help make your stay become more comfortable. Our pulp products such as VernaFem and the Male Urinal bottle will allow you to relieve yourself in a dignified way, as well as preventing any risk of infection thanks once again to the Vernacare single use system5 which allows you to use the product and allows a nurse to dispose of the waste safely and hygienically. This in combination with our Oasis maceratable wipes range, reduces potential for cross-contamination with each single-use item being disposed of after use, helping to reduce the potential for cross-contamination from reusable items.


We hope this article has helped you understand what a lesion is and has given you an insight as to how amazing we are with our super powered skin body amour.  


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