Around-the-clock bedside monitoring

Staffed by a conscientious, multidisciplinary team of individuals, it’s the ideal place for treatment, care, support and information. From doctors, nurses and pharmacists to social workers, chaplains and patients – these are the people we want to assist on a daily basis with our innovative, time-saving products.

Did you know?

Florence Nightingale is known for creating an early model of intensive care. She was one of the first to differentiate (and separate) injured soldiers by the severity of their wounds during the Crimean War.

Infections, bugs and viruses, oh my!

There are lots of people being treated for lots of different conditions in Intensive Care. This means it’s easy to contract Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI)Each year it’s estimated that, globally, 16 million people contract a HCAI, directly causing 37,000 deaths and contributing to an additional 110,000 deathsPlus, patients with a HCAI spend, on average, an extra 11 days in hospital – costing three times more to treat than an uninfected patient. A number of infections come under the term HCAI, but you’ve almost certainly heard the most about MRSA and C-Diff. All can make patients feel pretty lousy and are life-threatening in some cases.


But, fear not. That’s where we come in.
At Vernacare, we know a thing or two about infection prevention. Our single-use system is an effective measure thousands of Intensive Care wards, private facilities and care homes have implemented across the globe.

Every infection prevented is one that needs no treatment

We pioneered the single-use system more than 50 years ago to help reduce the risk of cross-infection, save time and minimise the environmental and cost impact of alternative reusable systems. With our single-use disposable containers, only one patient will use one of our bedpans, bowls or urinals before it’s disposed of. This removes the need for the traditional washing of bedpans and urinals, making sure they’re free of pathogens.

And the innovation doesn’t stop there. After they’ve finished, add a sachet of VernaGel into the urinal. This solidifies bodily fluids to make sure the contents stay exactly where they should – avoiding spillages and splashes, as well as cross-infection. The urinal, bedpan, bowl or container is easily disposed of with our Vernacare disposable machines. This reduces the waste (as well as the container) to an ultra-fine consistency. Then you can flush it straight down the drain with the aid of SmartFlow™ technology. So it’s loads better for the environment and creates a smooth, time-saving process. With the waste and the bedpan removed, the risk of cross-infection is reduced too. Patients and staff feel safe in the knowledge they’re using a clean, safe product every time.


Disinfect to protect

Sometimes, sharing isn’t caring. Each sanitiser in the range is independently tested to British and European standards, is safe on skin and non-corrosive. Plus, the unique formula creates a broad-spectrum disinfectant, so it cleans while it disinfects. Pretty clever, right?


A brand to be recognised

We’re incredibly proud that our innovative work has been recognised with accolades such as the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Let’s work together

By working hard to break the chain of infection, we can improve patient dignity and outcomes. Follow our journey on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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