If you’d been thinking of joints as 'just those things that connect our bones together’, you thought wrong...


Joints have way more important functions than just preventing us from being a fleshy bag of loose bones, although that is important too. Here are some reasons why joints don’t disappoint.

You know how you tried to show off all those football skills you thought you had last Saturday? The one’s that were less Cristiano Ronaldo and more…Clown? That was all down to your joints, and though maybe in retrospect you aren’t too grateful they enabled you to perform a disastrous attempt at scoring, you were definitely having fun at the time.

As joints are what allow the body to bear weight, they’re what you have to thank for being able to carry all those bags of shopping after you’ve done cleaning out the shops. Also, joints are what allow you to actually put on weight, so if you are carrying a few additional pounds due to that extra-large pizza and Chinese take-away, your joints are the hero’s that support that extra weight.

Even though joints are pretty incredible they do benefit from some extra tender loving care. Unhealthy joints can have some seriously undesirable results, so it’s always good to keep them well-taken care of. Here are some joint conditions that you should definitely be aiming to avoid. Be warned…

They are bad. No, really. B.A.D - Bursitis, Arthritis and Dislocation.


This is the inflammation of a fluid-filled sac that cushions the joint. These sacs are called Bursa and we have a whopping 150 plus throughout our body. When they inflame it can not only be painful, but swollen, tender and red; so obviously this condition is really unpleasant. Bursitis can be caused by overusing a previous injury, a hard blow to the area, or an infection.


Arthritis is inflammation of the joint itself and the most common condition to affect your joints. The symptoms are pain, stiffness and swelling. Even worse, over time the joint can become extremely damaged. There are quite a few causes of Arthritis, including injury, inheritance, infection, an abnormal metabolism and an immune system dysfunction.


Joint dislocation is when your bone is forced out of its natural position. Falling or sudden impacts are usually the cause of this trauma on the joint. We’re sure you’ll agree that none of these conditions sound particularly pleasant, so here are some ways for you to keep your joints as healthy and strong as possible.

Tips to Keep Your Joints in Tip-Top Shape

Though not all of us would choose a trip to the gym over a trip to McDonalds or even just a lazy sofa day, if you want healthy joints then a balanced exercise routine is an absolute must. Though Netflix and your favourite blanket might be calling you, we’ve put together a convincing list of why you should choose sit-ups over sit-downs.

Be Active

  1. Our joints are covered by the synovial membrane, a soft tissue which produces fluid, allowing our bones to move more smoothly against each other. When we start a physical activity (and no napping doesn’t count as a physical activity, we checked) it increases the circulation of the fluid.


  1. When we exercise our blood starts pumping round our bodies, providing our joints and our synovial membrane with a nice supply of nutrients and oxygen that they just can’t get from chocolate. We know. It’s unfair.


  1. Finally, when we exercise we build up the strength of the ligaments and tendons which surround our joints, resulting in a shield of protective tissue, lessening pressure on our joints. Just remember not to get too carried away on the treadmill because excess strain on your joints will harm them rather than help them. It’s about finding the perfect exercise balance and listening to your body except for when it’s saying ‘gym no, takeout leftovers for breakfast yes please.’

Eat Healthily

Making sure you’re eating lots of proper nutrition and natural, less-processed foods is completely essential to keeping your joins

healthy and happy. Luckily for you we’ve made you a delicious menu of joint-friendly foods for you to take into consideration.


Seven Scrumptious Joint Enhancers Vernacare


Why not snack on some juicy cherries, they’re tasty, healthy, and fresh cherries have been linked to fewer flare-ups of gout. 


Walnuts may be small but they contain several nutrients that help to prevent inflammation.


The calcium and vitamin D in salmon is packed with omega 3 which is a major counter for inflammation.


Kale is a superfood, so it’s not surprising that it’s full of plenty of nutrients which help keeping your joints strong.


Delicious oatmeal whole-grains are closely linked to keeping your inflammation levels low.


Turmeric is in curry powder, and it’s brimming with a chemical called curcumin. Curcumin has been proven to ease joint aches in the knees.


Red peppers are bursting with vitamin C~ which actually helps your body produce part of your tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

Still feeling those aches and pains in your joints?

Hopefully, our tips will keep your joints well-oiled and ready for any amateur football games you are competing in, but if not then we have you covered there too. If you’re suffering from joint induced discomfort, Vernacare have designed the perfect product to give you support and relief. Our Comfigrip Elasticated Tubular Bandages provide light support for muscle tears, sprains and joints. Even though these types of injuries’ come hand in hand with pain and swelling, our Comfigrip bandages can give comfort and support whilst letting you carry on with everyday life.

If you’re curious to know more about Comfigrip bandages, read more here:


From everyone here at Vernacare, make sure you look after your joints and keep your body as healthy as possible so you’ll have no trouble embarrassing yourself on the pitch next weekend.

Because your humiliation, sorry, health, is important to us.

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