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We invented the single-use system, incorporating medical pulp and disposal units, and since then, our competitors have introduced their own machines in an attempt to rival Vernacare’s gold-standard. How are our macerators different? Vernacare’s Vortex, Vortex + and Compact machines all have SmartFlow™. They break waste down with their unique dual-blade system in a fully sealed drum. This fine consistency is then released to the drain. Other macerators on the market simply pump in water to ‘water-down’ the pulp product, immediately releasing to drain, without reducing the consistency of the waste as effectively, with waste sluggishly exiting the machine. If you don’t have a Vernacare disposal unit, what does this mean for your drainage system? It means there’s a higher risk of your pipes becoming blocked and your macerator malfunctioning. Facilities and Estates managers will incur costs in fixing clogged pipes, and dealing with additional financial repercussions of a machine being out of action. Nurses’ time is best spent caring for patients, not seeking alternative ways of toileting them which can increase the risk of cross-infection. SmartFlow™ is the revolutionary answer.


Get to know SmartFlow™


We were unique over 50 years ago when we introduced the first environmentally friendly single-use system that improved hygienic patient care forever. Fast forward to the present day, and we’re still offering the most innovative disposal units on the market. What sets us apart? It’s our SmartFlow™, bringing a gold standard of efficient infection prevention to healthcare facilities. We know it’s not just about disposing of human waste; it’s about doing it properly. Our patented technology makes sure waste only makes its journey down the drain once it’s a fine watery slurry; keeping your drains free of bulky material.


How do we do it? When you put one of our single-use containers into one of our disposal units, and it starts its cycle, water is pumped into the completely sealed drum, until it is fully saturated with water and broken down into a fine consistency. Only once the finest slurry has been produced does the diaphragm open and rapidly flush the waste to drain. SmartFlow™ allows Vernacare machines to discharge waste 4 times faster than alternative macerators available on the market. It’s the power of SmartFlow™.


Why you need SmartFlow™ - Estates Managers


It’s not an easy job to stay on top of maintaining a healthcare facility when you’re balancing the need for optimum patient care with budgetary constraints. We know that. Our disposal units with their coveted SmartFlow™ technology ensure free flowing drains and allow your focus to be on managing your healthcare facility to its very best. You need SmartFlow™.


Both the Vortex and the Vortex + units have a cycle time of just 2 minutes, and can dispose of up to 4 pulp products in one use. We make use of every drop of the 24 litres that we pump into the drum, ensuring a consistently fine slurry every time they are used. The Compact might be small, but it’s mighty. With a cycle time of 3 minutes, it can process one single-use container with just 10 litres of water: and it’s perfect for small spaces and isolation rooms, allowing infection prevention at the point of care.


On the rare occasion that your unit needs attention from one of our engineers, your unit will tell you what’s wrong on its self-diagnosing display screen. One of our engineers will be guaranteed to attend to your unit within 48 hours, minimising the impact on your service.

Why you need SmartFlow™ - Healthcare Professionals


In Europe alone, around 4.5 million HCAIs are reported every year. That means patient discomfort, longer hospital stays, and the risk of infection outbreaks. How can SmartFlow™ assist in the fight against hospital-acquired infection? With our range of hands-free contact-less Vernacare disposal units, armed with an integrated block-safe system, preventing unwanted items, such as wipes and gloves from being flushed to the drain. Our units are the most reliable machines on the market for managing waste. That means that the likelihood of your machine needing unexpected maintenance is minimal. This allows nurses to use machines in the knowledge that they can focus on what really matters: caring for patients.


To see SmartFlow™ in action, see our video below.

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