You might be the kind of clown minus the three juggling balls who can trip on an obstacle-free flat surface. Or perhaps you’re the unfortunate relative of an accident-prone part-time daredevil. Either way, many have experienced the bumpy ambulance ride followed by a lengthy visit to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department of a hospital.


Have you ever looked around a waiting room and played a slightly morbid game of ‘Guess the illness’? For the cuts and wounds, it’s obvious to the naked eye. But what about the people who look fine, but they might be harbouring a virus that could leave you more ill than when you arrived and confined to your bed for a week...


If you’re a healthcare professional you’ll be simultaneously juggling patients with broken bones, stomach bugs and gushing blood, to name just a few. Preventing cross-infection between your patients and containing their varying illnesses will be hugely important to you. At the end of a long shift, you’d probably like to leave all the viruses and other bodily fluids at work, and not take them home with you.


That’s where the Vernacare system comes in.


As a patient, our single-use disposable products mean that the man behind the curtain next to you who hasn’t stopped vomiting since you arrived has never been near the bowl sat on your table. It also means if you’re unfortunate enough to be immobilised with a back injury or a broken limb, you can use one of our male or female urinals to ‘do your business’. The nurse can even add a sachet of our VernaGel so that your pee stays where you left it, and doesn’t end up on the A&E floor, ready to cause another accident. Then the healthcare professional simply puts the container into one of our machines that reduces your waste, and the container to a fine consistency that flushes down the drain. It’s as simple as that. What if your elderly parent or grandparent is bed-bound and needs to be cleaned in safe and dignified manner? Our Senset wipes and the accompanying Senset foam are kind to skin and can remove any dried on bodily waste easily.


What about if you’re a healthcare professional? How can the Vernacare system make your day that bit easier? Our range of single-use disposable products allow your patients to toilet themselves, or if they need to vomit, to do that in one of our bowls. All you need to do is add the VernaGel and put the used container in one of our disposal units, and that’s it. Job done. So you can focus on your patients, and not just their pee or poo.


No patient ever plans on being in an A&E department, but Vernacare’s products feel right at home, and they’re there to make your stay that bit more dignified and to help those who care for you too. 

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